Baluran Safari Park – National Park Banyuwangi

Baluran Safari Park – National Park East Java

Baluran Safari Park - National Park BanyuwangiBaluran National Park is a nature tourism in Banyuwangi with a forest preservation area that covers about 25,000 hectares of the north coast of East Java. Baluran Safari Park located in Banyuputih regency and Wongsorejo Situbondo, Banyuwangi East Java, Indonesia. The name of Safari Baluran was named after the mountain located in this area, namely Mount Baluran. Gate to enter the “Baluran Safari” is located at 7 ° 55’17.76 “S and 114 ° 23’15.27” E.

This tourism offers some great scenery and has organised safari activities. Safari is a much misused term in Asian travel circles but in this case it is appropriate – there is something very African about the savannah grasslands of Baluran. Of the three large national park in East Java, this is the easiest reached and by far the easiest to travel around.

The Best Time to Enjoy Baluran National Park

The Best time to enjoy this Safari tourism when the sunrise and sunset time appears. At Night time at Savana Begol also a moving experience especially when no moon and billion stars up there magically. There are some resort for rent (IDR.500,000 / night). From this lodge, You will see a lot of mongkeys and wild deer moving around the resort.

Baluran National Park is a national nature tourism with various animal and tree. In this place you can enjoy the scenary of savana with wild animal, Bama beach and manggrouve forest, It is can be called as place one stop vacation because you can enjoy all of that in one place. Opening hours from 9.00 AM until 04.00 PM. According Our recommendation, You can visit from the earlier so you can enjoy all views around Baluran Safari National Park

If you want to see sunrise in Bama beach, you can stay in cottage inside of Baluran National Park but you have to book first. It’s a very great moment when you can see deer and bulls run infront of you. A massive grassland of Baluran known as one of the best place for Nature Photography in Java Indonesia for a wild animals and  Sunset from BAMA Beach. Milky Way Galaxy also able taken from Baluran National Park when there is not any moon lights.

Baluran National Park Banyuwangi

Baluran National Park Banyuwangi have known as one of the popular Safari Park in Indonesia, Baluran National Park Park tour activities in Baluran can be done as research, observation and wildlife attractions, as well as marine tourism in Bama Coast. Meanwhile, the facilities available in the form of office management, work cottage, pesanggarahan, shelters, road trail, viewing tower, and others.


Baluran National Park is a part of Banyuwangi tourism that located with other popular tourism like Ijen Crater, Sukamade Beach, Mount Bromo tour, Pulau Merah, Papuma Beach and many more. This nature tourism is suitable visited after finish Mount Bromo tour package and other nature tourism in East Java Or You can visit Our booking form to get more information about other tour package combination.

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