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Milky Way in Mount Bromo East Java

Milky Way in Mount Bromo East Java

Mount Bromo Milky Way for photographyMilky Way in Mount Bromo East Java always appears every night when the time approach at 01.00 AM – 04.30 AM, Normally when the weather in Mount Bromo is clear and not too much fogs. Many famous portrait photographers stay in this mountain until 3 Days and some of them spend their time until 4 Days. They feel saturated in Mount Bromo after known the comfortable atmosphere and circumstande. besides they like its atmosphere, they also feel convenience to the native peoples which always welcome the visitors coming friendly and hospitably. Mount Bromo has temperature between 18 – 21 degree centigrade at day time and 05 – 10 degree centigrade at night, the temperature is not too freeze than Mount Semeru (the highest volcano in Java Island at 3,676 meters above sea level). Bromo volcano has an altitude at 2,329 metres above sea level, it is still lower than other Mountain in Java Island but it is the most popular in East Java Province, Indonesia until many famous portrait photographers enjoy “Milky Way on Mount Bromo“.

The best place to capture a Milky Way in Mount Bromo is as follows :

  1. Mentigen Hill
    Located on the high peak at the northern side of Lava View Lodge, it has 2,200 meters high above sea level. this hill normally also used as a camping ground because it has a wide space and grown huge grass which is free from  trees hindrance.
  2. Mount Pananjakan (the highest peak in Mount Bromo)
    This peak also called view point one because it is the highest peak than others, It has 2,770 meters high above sea level. Mount Pananjakan is the main destination for all visitors, this place also the best to take picture for Mount Bromo Sunrise. In this peak, there is not special place for camping but it has complete facilities such as local food stores, hot drinking like coffee or tea.
  3. Kingkong Hill
    Kingkong hill also has a best place to take Mount Bromo Milky Way, this peak has 2,700 meters above sea level, In this hill has available place for camping and completed with local food and drinking stores, it located 400 meters before Mount Pananjakan.
  4. Love Hill
    Love Hill is one of the best option to enjoy Bromo Milky Way, it is located at 2,670 meters above sea level, this hill is the lower that Mount Pananjakan and Kingkong Hill but it has a wide space and flat on the top section, to enjoy the Milky Way from Love Hill need to trek up from the parking lot for 15 minutes, the path condition is steeper but the top section is loose from the trees. So, it also very convenience to enjoy the Milky Way.

The Best Time to enjoy Milky Way in Mount Bromo

Milky Way is a collection of millions of stars that have a volume such as dust and gas well located in the disc / galactic plane. If you want to see the phenomenon of Milky Way, the exact time when the weather is sunny without a cloud between  at 1:00 AM until at 04:00 AM and occured in the dry season between April to September.

The phenomenon of “Milky Way in Mount Bromo” is a lot of demand by local and foreign tourists who are interested in the field of photography and want to hunt moment Milky Way. Many foreign tourists who said that the phenomenon of the Milky Way in Mount Bromo is one of the best until huge photographers pursue the time for Milky Way appearance.

How to enjoy the Milky Way in Mount Bromo
To reach the Milky Way Time, You need to break earlier in the nearby hotel in Mount Bromo area then start visiting at 01.00 AM by Bromo Jeep to some interested place have decided. After get the choosed place, you just waiting for the Milky Way appearance while looking for suitable place to put your trypod and camera until ready to capture. After finish enjoy Bromo Milky Way, you can continue enjoy the Sunrise at 05:20 AM and ended with taking photo for Mount Bromo View because from the high peak, all the views will seem very amazing and able catch all interested parts such as Mount Batok, Bromo Crater and a wide Sea of Sand that surrounded “Mount Bromo”

There are several best place to enjoy Milky Way in Mount Bromo have i told above. All the hills in Mount Bromo provide amazing views and have various view side but all the hills can not explored in 2 days 1 night, because each places located in different part, If you want to enoy Milky Way from all the hills, you need to stay in Mount Bromo for minimum 3 days, maximum 4 Days and 3 nights.

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Information of Milky Way in Mount Bromo East Java

Mount Bromo Milky Way Tour is one of Bromo tour package for photographers able reached from Surabaya, Malang, Banyuwangi and Bali Island. Most photographers from Asia and other countries start visiting from Surabaya Airport, Banyuwangi, Jogjakarta and Bali, They visit Mount Bromo not only enjoy The Milky Way, some of them enjoy Mount Bromo Honeymoon tour with their lovers or newlyweds. If they have not time for other tourism objects, they usually enjoy Mt Bromo midnight tour without needed to stay in the hotel. For detail information about Milky Way in Mount Bromo, package price, Mt Bromo Sunrise Tour, you can contact Us here

Milky Way in Mount Bromo East Java

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