Songa Rafting in Pekalen River, East Java Indonesia

Songa Rafting in Pekalen River, East Java Indonesia

Songa Rafting in Pekalen River, East Java IndonesiaSonga Rafting in Pekalen River is the best rafting tour in Java Island Indonesia. It located at Ranu Gedang Village of Probolinggo city, the village named “Gedang” because in this area grown huge Banana fruits (Gedang). Songa Rafting may followed by minimum 4 people and 6 people maximum. Songa Rafting is one of the popular white water rafting tour near from Madakaripura Waterfall and Mount Bromo in East Java. If you are interested to enjoy the challenge rafting tour in Indonesia, Songa Rafting in Pekalen River of East Java Island is your answer. Pekalen River of Songa Sourced from the springs of Mount Argopuro and Mount Lamongan with an average width of the river and water depth of 5-20 meters approximately 1-3 meters.

“Songa Rafting” in Pekalen River need a trip from start to finish approximately 12 kilometers traveled for 3.5 hours. Number of rapids about 50 pieces such as Welcome, Stone Beard, the Pandavas, Eagles, Xtravaganza, KPLA, Triple Ace, The Fly Matador, Sharks, Cucak Rowo, Long Rapid, Good Bye. There are also rapids Inul, so called because to pass through the rapids, each participant must be “rocked like Inul”. Level of difficulty rafting here is grade II to III +.

How to reach Songa Rafting Location
To find the location of the base camp of Songa or Noars, You can start your journey from Surabaya Airport, Malang and Banyuwangi Ketapang Harbor. The trip from Surabaya is 4 hours driving, from Malang 4,5 hours and 6 hours from Banyuwangi regency, You can take the public Taxi from your location then continue to Probolinggo highway  until you look at a great signs located on the roadside. From the highway, the distance is about 15 miles to get to basecamp. Unfortunately, the condition of the road to get there is not so good, so inevitably compel the visitor must first rafting access roads run through holes. The trip from the highway to the base camp takes about 1 hour.

Arrived at base camp, participants will be asked before taking a break while treated to snacks such as boiled bananas and drink called Poka, which is made from tea blended ginger, and cinnamon keningar. Given the opportunity also to change clothes with clothes that are ready to wet because it would have splashed the swift river. The lovers of the rafting tour comes protective safety helmet and life jacket, and guided by a guide who has been trained and experienced. Inflatable boat used is the type of inflatable raft that is destined to pass through the rapids safely as it contains air, which can reduce the collision of the body with rocks rafting boat.

Songa Rafting Instruction
Before start the rafting, participants will be briefed on how to do Songa Rafting Tour. Here participants will be introduced to some of the terms used. Like the “Forward” which means paddling forward, “Backward” which means paddling backwards, “Stop” means stop paddling, “Left Back” which means left rower rowers rowing backwards and fixed right paddle forward, “Right Back” means the right rower rowing backwards and left rowers keep paddling forward, “Move Left / Right / Rear” which means that the participants have to move to sit in the direction of the ordered and the most important is the “Boom” which means that the participants had to sit on the floor of the boat and lifted oar facing upwards – this done when passing the rapids were very heavy with a very narrow side walls.

To go to the location, participants will be raised open pickup. With a standing position can accommodate about 12 people and must hold on the grip tightly around the edge of the car because the roads are impassable hefty climb up and down. After descending from the car, the participants had to down a path that is pretty far and steep, so stamina drained disini.Inilah challenge.

Rafting start point of this is in the hamlet of winds, the village Ranu Gedang. In the middle of the trip will stop at Rest Area Kedung Adem-cool where participants will once again be treated to drinks Poka, STMJ and fried banana dish. It’s fitting enjoyed in cold water splashing Pekalen river. Its finish point is located in the hamlet Gembleng, Pesawahan village.

The Beauty of Songa Rafting, East Java Indonesia
During the trip participants will be treated to beautiful 7 waterfalls (including named Niagara winds), bat caves and natural rock structure. It is amazing waterfall there. Still so natural and the water is so clear and fresh. especially by his guide, participants deliberately laid just below the waterfall splash swift. Guaranteed to all participants will immediately be able to feel fresh and swift splash waterfalls. Goa Kelelawar (bat cave) was still so complete with hundreds of bats are occasionally squealing and fluttering to and fro. Rancidity of bats and dung it feels when passing through there. There is also a place to jump from a height of about 5 feet. The right place to release tension.

Songa Rafting in Pekalen River, East Java Indonesia

Songa Rafting of Pekalen River is the best Rafting in Java Island, Most domestic and foreign visitors enjoy the rafting in Songa, Songa Rafting located in the middle between popular tourism objects in Java Island “Mount Bromo, Madakaripura Waterfall and Ijen Crater” most visitors enjoy this rafting after finish enjoy their tour from Mount Bromo Tengger National Park  and Ijen Crater Banyuwangi. If you think very interested to spend your time for Mount Bromo Tour Package, Songa Rafting, Pekalen river, East Java Island. You can ask detail information about Rafting Tour Package Price, Rafting Facility and Booking Requiremnet to Our partner by contac us here

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Songa Rafting Tour in Pekalen River, Java Island Indonesia

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