4 Recommendation places for Mount Bromo Camping

4 Recommendation places for Mount Bromo Camping

4 Recommendation places for Mount Bromo Camping

If You are the one visitor who prefer like enjoy Bromo East Java by camp, Milky Way tour and Sunset view, Here We recognize 4 Recommendation places for Mount Bromo Camping that able make You stay more relax with the nature enjoy fresh temperature and scenery directly. This volcano popular as the best place for taking Sunrise, Galaxy by camp on Pananjakan peak, Sunset and Mount Bromo Prewedding Photography. it is also popular as best place for Camp in Indonesia because this mountain consist of various nice places for 1 night by camp especially for photographers when They need to start Mount Bromo Milky Way Photography.

Before You choose one of 4 Recommendation places for Mount Bromo tour by Camping, You must know the best time and place should be as your planning in order You able creat the perfect memories. Camping mostly choosed by professional photographers for Milky Way Photography tour on Pananjakan summit. Below is detail recommendation places to see Sunrise, Galaxy and Sunset Photography.

Recommendation places for Camping tour at Bromo mountain:

  1. Pananjakan Bromo Peak
    Pananjakan is the highest peak have been the best place for Mount Bromo Milky Way Shoot. Make 1 night camp on Pananjakan peak will give you much chance to enjoy the Galaxy. From this place, You will see Bromo sunrise and other views like Batok, crater and Semeru volcano summit have mostly climbed by visitors (If You want to enjoy Semeru volcano hiking package, You can choose on April – November months because different than this months normally closed due to rainy season).
  2. Kingkong Peak
    Kingkong Peak located 200 meter under Pananjakan Peak, this high top also recommended place to enjoy sunrise. Kingkong peak is the option places to make a camp. Some tourist nomally prefer choose this place when They need to enjoy the Sunrise, and Mount Bromo Milky Way because not too crowd people when the Sunrise photography time going on.
  3. Love Hill
    Love Hill also called Bukit Cinta, Normally become the alternative places to see Sunrise and Galaxy but the Love Hill is the third recommendation places for Bromo Galaxy photography by Camp, This place have a flat land and has direct views to the stars, Sunrise and other views.
  1. Seruni Peak
    Seruni Top has lower elevation but You will able to shoot the Milky Way Photography tour at Mt Bromo, Sunrise and views. Stay by Camp on Seruni peak also recommended place for visitors who prefer like to shoot the Galaxy. All these places will not support the Photography when the weather is cloudy of foggy. So You must choose the best trip time before have planning for Our tour package by camp.


Recommended places above only possible reached using the jeep 4 WD because the route to the Campsite is very steep and winding. Detail place for Camping tour above dedicated recommended for visitors to enjoy the stargazing tour by Camp, Sunrise and Sunset photography package.

Before You make a camping in these recommendation place,  You must prepare suitable clothes like Jacket, Gloves, Hat and Long Pants in Order You able make adaption with very cold temperature between 03 – 05 degree centigrade. For more information about Mount Bromo tour package, facility, and Other trip package request, You can visit Our booking form.


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