Blue Flame Ijen Crater, Sukamade, Mt Bromo Tour 4 Days

Blue Flame Ijen Crater, Sukamade, Mt Bromo Tour 4 DaysBlue Flame Ijen Crater, Sukamade, Mt Bromo Tour 4 Days  is combination of nature tourism package for volcano trekking and turtle conservation in Sukamade Beach, Banyuwangi. All these nature tourism package located in East Java, Indonesia that possible reached from Bali Island, Banyuwangi Ketapang Harbor, Yogyakarta and Surabaya.

If you are the first time enjoy Blue Flame Ijen Crater, Sukamade Beach, Mount Bromo Tour 4 days 3 nights, You must choose the arrival time in Surabaya Airport in the Morning and depart time in evening in order You have relax trip until finish Blue Flame Ijen Crater, Sukamade, Mt Bromo Tour 4 Days.

Blue Flame Ijen Crater, Sukamade Beach, Mount Bromo Tour Package


  • Pick you up in your arrival at Surabaya / Malang / Banyuwangi by Private AC (air conditioned) Car then take you to hotel around Ijen Crater area for 7 hours driving, check and stay all nights while enjoy circumstance.


  • 00.30 AM, Wake you up to get preparing and start visit Blue Flame Ijen Crater at 01.00 AM from your Hotel by your Car for 2 hours driving
  • Get the Ijen Crater parking lot, start climb to Ijen Crater rim for 2 hours by relax trekking, Reach the Ijen crater top, continue trekking down to the bottom of Ijen volcano for 40 minutes toward the Blue Flame Ijen location (the Blue Flame Kawah Ijen will finish at 05.00 AM)
  • Finish taking photo for Blue Flame Mount Ijen, Comeback to the top at 05:30 AM for 45 minutes.
  • 06:10 AM – 06:30 AM, Arrive on the Ijen volcano top, taking photography for Ijen volcano view until finish and comeback to paltuding or parking lot for 2 hours then back to your hotel to have breakfast, take shower and relax enoughly. Check out from your hotel around Ijen volcano, then continue your trip to your homestay around Sukamade Beach for 5 hours driving.
  • Before reach the homestay in Sukamade Coast, We will stop in Pesanggaran village to change vehicle to be off road vehicle to cross the rivers, rain forest, beach and traditional village before reach Sukamade beach. Sukamade turtle is natural protected beach with a wild area about 3 kilometers sand strip on the Indian Ocean where 5 species of turtles come ashore to lay their eggs around Sukamade Beach. Stay at the lodge nearby and return to the beach at night for turtle spotting. release typical turtle of Sukamade and admiring various turtle size, but more often than not visitors are lucky enough to come back with an experience that is both unique and bound to become exceedingly rare. Stay overnight and take dinner at the LODGE or Guest House in Sukamade.


  • After breakfast, Start Sukamade tour package with the local ranger, You will see the Sukamade turtle release on Sukamade Beach, the turtle is typical from Sukamade shore then visit some turtle conservation in various cage, taking picture as your please until finish
  • Continue to Your Hotel around Mount Bromo for 7 hours driving, Get your location in Mt Bromo area, stay 1 night.


  • Mount Bromo Sunrise tour package, start at 02.30 AM, take shower, make preparing then visit highest peak (Pananjakan Mount B romo) for 30 minutes using Private 4 WD jeep. If You need to see Mount Bromo Milky Way, hope start from your hotel at 09.00 PM.
  • Reach Pananjakan peak, start soft trekking for 15 minutes to Pananjakan Bromo peak, Waiting for Sunrise time at 05.20 AM continue taking pictures for other views such as Crater, Mt Batok, Mount Kursi, massive Sea Sand and Mount Semeru (the highest volcano in East Java), If You need to enjoy Mount Semeru hiking package, You can choose on May – November.
  • Comeback to your jeep, continue to see the crater by stop at sea of sand (second parking lot) for 20 minutes then begin Mount Bromo trekking package, wherein You trek along Sea Sand for 30 minutes or using horse ride for 15 minutes, Enjoy amazing of Bromo crater until finish
  • Comeback to your jeep and return to your hotel for 20 minutes. have breakfast, take shower and preparing to check out. (Before comeback to your hotel, If you have more time You can visit other interested place named Savannah Mount Bromo and Whispering Sand located 1 kilometer from Jeep parking)
  • 11.00 AM, Check out and comeback to your location request (Surabaya Airport, Malang, Yogjakarta or Bali Island) and finish Blue Flame Ijen Crater, Sukamade, Mt Bromo Tour 4 Days

Facility :

  • Local driver with English speak
  • Private AC (air conditioned) transportation from start until finish
  • Entrance fee for all tourism package according itinerary
  • Private Jeep 4 WD for Mount Bromo tour package (sunrise from highest peak and crater)
  • Private Jeep 4 WD for Crossing the river to Sukamade Turtle Beach
  • 1 Night Homestay and Breakfast in Sukamade Beach (around Sukamade Turtle Beach, Mostly using a homestay)
  • 2 Night accommodation included breakfast for Mount Bromo Ijen Crater tour package
  • Sukamade beach trip package included Local ranger for turtle explorating, eggs hatching, detaching turtle to the beach and Sukamade turtle conservation process )
  • Mineral drinking along trip
  • Blue Flame Ijen volcano trip included the local ranger to keep your climb to Blue Flame Ijen crater location
  • Trekking rescue for Ijen Crater and Mt Bromo


  • Personal Expense and Equipments
  • Lunch and Dinner
  • Horse ride

Mt Bromo Tour package from Bali, Surabaya, Malang, Banyuwangi and Yogyakarta :

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  2. Mount Bromo Midnight tour
  3. Mount Bromo Milky Way Tour 2 Days
  4. Mt. Bromo, Ijen Crater Tour Package 3 Days
  5. Mount Bromo, Madakaripura Waterfall tour 2 Days
  6. Mount Bromo sunrise tour, Water Rafting, Ijen Crater tour
  7. Semeru volcano Climb, Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour 4 Days
  8. Mount Bromo, White Water Rafting tour package 2 Days
  9. Mount Semeru Climb, Mount Bromo, Waterfall Tour 5 Days
  10. Semeru volcano hiking, Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater Tour 6 Days


  • If you are interested to book Mount Bromo Sukamade Ijen Crater tour 4 days and other travel package, You can inform Our partner within 1 – 2 month before your vacation go on, In order We can provide your facilities enoughly.
  • Due to the temperature on Blue Flame Ijen Crater, Sukamade Beach, Mt Bromo Tour is very cold, You must prepare maountain clothes such as jacket, gloves trekking pole and gass mask, If You can not bring these tools, We can help You.
  • Detail information about Mount Bromo tour package price, Accommodation and Other facility, You can visit Our Contact.

Blue Flame Ijen, Sukamade Beach, Mt Bromo Tour 4 Days