• BeeJay Bakau Resort Probolinggo - East Java

    BeeJay Bakau Resort Probolinggo – East Java

    BeeJay Bakau Resort Probolinggo BeeJay Bakau Resort Probolinggo – East Java is abbreviation from the word “BJBR” located in Probolinggo port. BeeJay Bakau Resort designed as a mangrove tourism with strategic location surrounded by lush Mangrove forest. Beejay Bakau Resort (BJBR) is a mangrove ecotourism rides that equipped with nice resort close to the views of mangrove and marine forests. Beejay Mangrove Ecotourism with facilities consist of White sand beach with Water Games, Beejay Water Boom, FlyingFox, Cafe, Beejay Sari Laut Restaurant and Beejay Bungalow resort at Fishery Harbor Mayangan – Probolinggo City, East Java – Indonesia Entrance price fee for Beejay BJPR : Entrance fee price to enter Beejay Bakau…

  • The beauty of Payangan Hill Jember

    The beauty of Payangan Hill Jember

    The beauty of Payangan Hill Jember   The beauty of Payangan Hill Jember make the visitors never saturated especially when the Sunrise and Sunset appears. Payangan Hill also called Bukit Payangan Beach. It is a high hill located near Papuma Beach Jember, East Java Island. Payangan Hill provide natural beautiful scenery has been a part of poplular peak in Jember City. This hill surrounded by Payangan Beach and Love Bay that still ranged of Watu Ulo Beach tourism. Payangan itself has black sand with some grass growing on the edge of the coastal. In the midst of  Payangan beach, you can find gorgeous stones and savannah on the southern side as well as the parking…

  • Green Bay Teluk Hijau Beach Banyuwangi

    Camping on Teluk Hijau Beach Banyuwangi

    Camping on Teluk Hijau Beach Banyuwangi East Java Teluk Hijau Beach Banyuwangi also called Green Bay Beach located in Banyuwangi at southern part Pesanggaran, Sarongan village. Teluk Hijau is one of the best beach for Camping, Its territory is included in Meru National Park Betiri. This coast is a hidden paradise in Banyuwangi. Camping in this Beach will recognize You a quiet atmosphere with a charming white sand. The sand color is clear and fine, so easily attached to the skin. A blend of white sand, clear sea water a greenish color and a beautiful atmosphere will make the visitors stay comfortly. Most foreigners visit the Teluk Hijau for Camping…

  • Rajegwesi Beach Banyuwangi

    Rajegwesi Beach Banyuwangi

    Rajegwesi Beach Banyuwangi Tourism Rajegwesi Beach Banyuwangi is one of interested place around East Java Island. The name “Rajegwesi Beach” still related to the sea defense system that bulit in Japan colonialism time. Wherein its name had taken from the Java language, which means Piles and the word “Wesi” in Indonesian means Iron. Japanese colonial first time plugged the pile from the rosewood (equivalent strength steel) in Rajegwesi Gulf. Rajegwesi Beach Banyuwangi was planted at the mouth of the bay with the formation of teeth Grasshopper. Namely grown together the front row behind one another and cover the gap. This is intended to make it difficult to infiltrate enemy ship to…

  • Plengkung Surfing in Banyuwangi

    Plengkung Surfing in Banyuwangi

    Plengkung Surfing in Banyuwangi Plengkung Beach in Banyuwangi known as the best surfing place due to has hard wind and the wave condition is good for surfers. Plengkung also called G-Land Beach Banyuwangi was derived from Grajagan area has been the area location from Grajagan village. Plengkung Surfing in Banyuwangi usually called Pantai Plengkung in Indonesia language, Plengkung Beach has great waves which ideal for surfing and get an epithet as The Seven Giant Waves Wonder because the waves in this Shore form 7 giant roles with the high in 6 meter. The waves in Plengkung Shore also known as the second best wave in the world after the wave in…

  • Sukamade Turtle Beach, Banyuwangi East Java
    Banyuwangi Tourism,  Beach

    Sukamade Turtle Beach, Banyuwangi East Java

    Sukamade Turtle Beach, Banyuwangi East Java Sukamade Turtle Beach, East Java located about 97 km to southwest of Banyuwangi City. It is natural and quiet, beautiful place. Dutch discovered it in 1927. Sukamade Beach is one of the conservation tourism object under the government preserved. it has a wide 50,000 hectare in Meru Betiri National Park. Along the way to visit this place the visitors can stop at the beautiful place of Rajegwesi, Teluk Hijau a fantastic green bay with its beautiful cliff around. A dawn excursion to see animals grassing on the savannah is also impressing. They are virgin places you must know in the eastern tip of Java, banyuwangi, Indonesia. Sukamade…

  • Tanjung Papuma Beach Sunrise, Jember
    Beach,  Jember Tourism

    Tanjung Papuma Beach Sunrise, Jember

    Tanjung Papuma Beach Sunrise, Jember Tanjung Papuma Beach is an amazing beach with the sunrise view on the highest top, it located in southern coastal of jember regency, East Java Island Indonesia. This beach is called as “PAPUMA BEACH” the abbreviation of Pasir Putih Malikan (white sand of Malikan). Papuma known as a rocky beach because of high rocks that surround the spot make this beach very spectaculer, many sailing boats along the seashore parking with various colourful design and type. Papuma beach is very suitable to enjoy sunrise, just trek up for 10 minutes through the stairs from the parking area to the high paek, started at 05:00 AM, After you…

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