• Rawa Bayu in Banyuwangi

    Rawa Bayu in Banyuwangi

    Rawa Bayu in Banyuwangi Rawa Bayu Banyuwangi also said Rowo Bayu is a an interesting swamp located in Banyuwangi that still overgrown plants on the right and left unexploited and Protected Forest Areas. The beauty of wildlife and fauna in the marsh wind make all visitors never stop visit this swamp. Rowo Bayu Banyuwangi comes from the word ROWO which means “marsh” While the word BAYU is “wind” comes from the name of the village “Bayu village”. Located on state forest plot 8, Bayu village, Songgon subdistrict, Banyuwangi, East Java. The location is at an altitude of 800 meters in less more differences sea level, so the Air region very…

  • Ranu Agung Tiris East Java

    Ranu Agung Tiris East Java

    Ranu Agung Tiris East Java Probolinggo Ranu Agung Tiris East Java is an amazing lake located in East Java Island Indonesia, It is located on the highland of Ranu Agung Village, Tiris Subdistrict of Probolinggo City. Ranu Agung Tiris located about 83,5 km or about 2,5 hours by private Car from Bromo Mountain wherein the visitors mostly spend their holiday in this famous volcano. The lake of Ranu Agung Probolinggo is almost similar interested with Ranu Kumbolo, Only different in temperature which located in higher peak, The temperature on Kumbolo Lake is between 05 – 10 degree centigrade but Ranu Agung Temperature only 20 – 22 degree centigrade. because Kumbolo located…

  • Kumbolo Lake Sunrise, East Java Indonesia

    Kumbolo Lake Sunrise, East Java Indonesia

    Kumbolo Lake Sunrise, East Java Indonesia Kumbolo Lake is the best camping place in East Java Indonesia that located in Mount Semeru National Park. This lake contains of fresh temperature and clean water with the sunrise view from the slope and settled in altitude of 2,400 meters above sea level under Mount Semeru. Kumbolo Lake also spelled “Ranu Kumbolo” (Indonesia language). Heavy visitors enjoy trekking tour to Kumbolo for the reason, they are success refresh their mind from saturation of daily activity because they will feel natural atmosphere without any polution. Kumbolo Lake is possible reached from Surabaya Airport, Malang and Banyuwangi Ketapang Harbor, You can start your journey by public transportation or travel agent service…

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