• Mount Welirang and Mt Arjuno

    Welirang and Arjuno Volcano

    Welirang and Arjuno Volcano Tourism Welirang and Arjuno Volcano also said as a twin mountain have become the destionation Climbing tour. These volcano still in one range located in Trtetes between Malang area, East Java province, Indonesia. They are located in 6 km line between Arjuno and Welirang, A 300 hectares at slope of Mount Arjuno near the road of Surabaya-Malang is used by Taman Safari II. The Arjuno-Welirang volcano complex itself lies in the older two volcanoes, Mount Ringgit to the east and Mount Linting to the south. The summit lacks vegetation. Fumarolic areas with sulfur deposits are found in several locations on Welirang. In Java Language, this mount…

  • Mt Panderman Batu Malang

    Mt Panderman in Batu Malang

    Mt Panderman Batu Malang Mt Panderman in Batu Malang is one of an active volcano, in Indonesia located in Batu Malang City. This volcano has a peak named Basundara Peak. Panderman Mountain also the place to start Paragliding tour in Malang where the visitors enjoy their paragliding to see the nature views around the mountain. The name of this mount itself was taken from the name of a Dutchman named Van Der Man who admire the beauty of this mountain at that time. Mount Panderman is an ideal tourist spot for those who love climbing. Panderman volcano, still active same with other volcanoes such as Mount Bromo, Mount Arjuno Welirang, Semeru volcano hiking…

  • Blue Flame Ijen Volcano

    Blue Flame Ijen Crater Volcano

    Blue Flame Ijen Crater Volcano Banyuwangi Blue Flame Ijen Crater Volcano is one of the wonder of the world that appears all night inside of Ijen Volcano, Most visitors enjoy the beauty of Blue Flame Kawah Ijen for their photography. They are also curious to know about the process of this flame appearance, After they get top, they are really gain original response that Blue Fire on Ijen is really exist every night. moreover, they also know about a processing how the local miners doing activity taking sulfur from the crater bottom, green acid lake and yellowish sulfur which appears from the crater pipe and only appears every night exactly begin at 18.00…

  • Mount Kelud Kediri Java Indonesia

    Mount Kelud Kediri Java Indonesia

    Mount Kelud Kediri Java Indonesia Mount Kelud Kediri, Blitar is one of an active volcano in Java Island Indonesia. it has an levation 1,731 m (5.679 ft), located between Kediri, Belitar and Malang Subdistrict. about 40 km, 45 Minutes from Kediri City. Kelud is a volcano. Breezes of fresh air and charming scenery make this area interesting for ecotourism, adventuring, and health purposes. Here we can enjoy the shady cool plantation, an area for rock climbing, jogging, cross country, and camping ground, a channel to the crater through the mountain, sulfur lake down the mountain volcanology information service, and entertainment performances on weekends / holidays. Mouunt Kelud located between Kediri,…

  • Ijen Crater Banyuwangi, East Java Indonesia
    Banyuwangi Tourism,  Volcano

    Ijen Crater Banyuwangi, East Java Indonesia

    Ijen Crater Banyuwangi, East Java Indonesia Ijen Crater Banyuwangi, East Java is the most wonderful crater in Indonesia. It has a biggest crater lake that produced huge sulfur from the bottom crater and lies between a natural dams of deeply etched rock. it has 200 meters depth and contains about 36million cubic meters of steaming acid water, shrouded in a smelling swirling sulfur cloud. Inside crater, different color and size of stones are found. Indeed the crater of Ijen is beautiful garden of stone as well. Ijen Plateau lies in the centre of Ijen-Merapi Malang Reserve, which extends over much of the mountainous region directly west of Banyuwangi and borders on Baluran…

  • Mount Semeru East Java Indonesia

    Mount Semeru East Java Indonesia

    Mount Semeru East Java Indonesia Mount Semeru, East Java is the highest volcano in Java Island Indonesia with an altitude 3,676 meters above sea level. The crater summit of Mount Semeru known as Jonggring Saloko. This volcano settled administratively in the two districts namely Malang, Pasuruan and Lumajang regencies. Mount Semeru is the one volcano in East Java Island who have preferred by huge of mountain trekkers. The view from Semeru crater really mesmerizing that stands higher than other mountains, Mount Semeru is still part of Mount Bromo Tengger National Park and located very closed from Mount Bromo location. Before this volcano, there is a beutiful lake named Kumbolo, located between Lumajang, Pasuruan…

  • Mount Bromo Semeru Tengger National Park
    Probolinggo Tourism,  Volcano

    Mount Bromo Tengger National Park

    Mount Bromo Tengger National Park Mount Bromo is the best tourism object Indonesia, It’s popularity have been known in all the world until most visitors purpose to spend their vacation in Mount Bromo for many days. Bromo Volcano also called “Gunung Bromo” in Indonesia Language, it is located in Cemoro Lawang, Ngadisari Village. This mount is one of an active volcano in East Java Province Indonesia with an altitude 2,329 metres above sea level and still included in “Bromo Tengger National Park“. Mt Bromo is settled in the middle between Probolinggo, Malang, Pasuruan and Lumajang City. The beauty of Bromo Mountain will seem very clear when the visitors have reached the highest view…

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