Ciblungan Waterfall Malang

Ciblungan Waterfall Malang

Ciblungan Waterfall Malang

Ciblungan Waterfall located in Lumajang regency of South Malang district. It is located between Malang and Lumjanag regency, This falls tourism also called Air Terjun Ciblungan, It still not too popular but the beauty of its waterfall will make the tourists interested because the water is clear supported with fresh temperature.

Coban Ciblungan Waterfall Location

Coban Ciblungan Waterfall located at Purwoharjo village, Ampelgading of Malang. It is locattion not too far from lumajang border from Malang need 2,5 hours by vehicle. If You want to reach Ciblungan falls, You can take the route from Malang through Balaikambang beach, then to Turen, Dampit, Tirtoyudo, Ampelgading and continue towards Purwoharjodan. Later, You will find a path that is located on the right before the border gate. There are signposts, visitors can walk along approximately 50 meters to go Ciblungan Waterfall.

In Coban Ciblungan Malang, You can swim or just playing the water, but keep in mind the safety of tourists while playing in a waterfall. In addition to playing the water, tourists can take pictures ria because not many tourists who visit this place. For visitors who want to change clothes, You can borrow the houses around.

Coban Ciblungan is one of interesting falls around Malang City. Most visitors normally visit Coban Ciblungan after finish Mt Bromo tour package with the trip package combination of Mount Bromo and Malang City tour. Coban Ciblungan Not too popular one like Waterfall near Mount Bromo, this tourism mostly still visited by local peoples due to located inside the village and little bit far from Malang City.

Beside The Ciblungan falls, We also recognize other interested places have been a part of East Java tourism package that mosty visited from Surabaya, Malang and Banyuwangi. For detail of other trip package itinerary, You can read in this link below.

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Ciblungan Waterfall East Java

Ciblungan not too far from other interested place around Malang City, The nearest way to reach the Ciblungan Waterfall is from Malang Airport, Probolinggo and Surabaya International Airport. Ciblungan tourism is possible for swim and relax. If You are interested to see this Waterfall and other toursim in East Java Island, You can visit Our Contact.


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