Ijen Crater Banyuwangi, East Java Indonesia

Ijen Crater Banyuwangi, East Java Indonesia

Ijen Crater Banyuwangi, East Java Indonesia

Ijen Crater Banyuwangi is the most wonderful crater located in Banyuwangi and Bondowoso regency, East Java Island, Indonesia. The nearest way to get Mount Ijen is from Banyuwangi Ketapang Harbor for 2 hours by car or motorbike. and 7 hours drive from Surabaya Airport.

The Ijen volcano Banyuwangi produced huge sulfur, and 200 meters depth green acid lake. it contains about 36 million cubic meters of steaming acid water, shrouded in a smelling swirling sulfur cloud. Inside the crater, different color and size of sulfur stones result amazing views when viewed from the volcano rim.

Ijen volcano Banyuwangi, lies in the centre of Ijen-Merapi Malang Reserve, which extends over much of the mountainous region directly west of Banyu Wangi and borders on Baluran National Park in the northeast.

The Beauty of Mount Ijen, Banyuwangi

Mount Ijen, Banyuwangi East Java Island, also said “Kawah Ijen” (indonesia langage). The views really spectaculer when the sunshine almost glows into the peak. in addition. every morning, there are many sulfur miners doing mining operation, They haul about 50 – 80 kg of yellowish sulfur stone from bottom crater using a basket or bambu hauling, they start their job begin at 05.00 AM until finish at 12.00 PM.

Before the local miners load two baskets of sulfur, they usually waiting for melt sulfur dropped out from the pipe and awaited until form hard, then moved to baskets with little piece using iron tool such as crowbar. after enough with their loads, they hauled and collected to the warehouse in Paltuding (near parking lot) to earn salary, each kilogram of sulfur has a cost 800 – 900 rupiah (0.06 – 0.07 USD) and they earn salary around 100,000 – 150,000 thausand rupiah (7.64 – 11.46 USD) for 1 day.

The principal attraction of Ijen Crater Banyuwangi has a large Crater Lake that has much sulfur, which lies hidden between sheer walls of deeply furrowed rock at more than 200 meters. Mount Ijen has 2.386 meters high above sea level. It forms a twin volcano with the now extinct Mount Merapi. an enormous Crater Lake, which is 200 meters deep and covers an area of more than meters, a million square meters, contains about 36 million cubic meters of steaming, acid water.

Everynight this volcano results a stunning views called Blue Flame Ijen Crater, most tourists looked at the Blue Flame but must started their trip from nearby hotels earliers. The nearest place in Banyuwangi area to get the Bue Flame Crater is Catimor Homestay or Arabica Homestay. From both of these places to Paltuding (trekking start) is 30 menutes. You start your tour from Catimor or Arabica homestay at 01.00 AM.

Most visitors start hike to Mount Ijen rim from Banyuwangi area to the Paltuding (parking lot), the trekking tour need 2 hours through small path, and trekking route more slipperys after after 1 hours trekking. You will meet steep trekking route before get the Malabar post. from this post to the volcano rim remain 40 minutes.

The temperature on Ijen volcano peak about 5° Celsius. Its way will finish at Jampit of Banyuwangi, where very basic shelter is available. It is also possible to sleep in the old vulcanology station further up the hill, now used by sulfur collectors, but permission must obtained in advance.

Important things must You bring before start the tour to Ijen Volcano East Java

Due to the trekking route to the top of Ijen volcano rim is very sleep, You must have good body health before start hike, not recommended for child to follow the Ijen volcano hiking.

Before start Ijen Crater tour Banyuwangi, You must bring headlamp, trekking shoes, mineral drinks, jacket, gloves, gass mask, long pants, and personal medicine.

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