Kalibendo Waterfall of Banyuwangi

Kalibendo Waterfall, Banyuwangi East Java

Kalibendo Waterfall of Banyuwangi

Kalibendo Waterfall is one of interested Waterfall in East Java that has been the visited places in Banyuwangi regency. It is located in the Kampung Anyar village of Glagah District, Banyuwangi. This waterfall has 10 meters height and is located in the Kalibendo Agro Tourism region. Kalibendo Waterfall trekking is different then Madakaripura Waterfall trekking. Trekking to Kalibendo Waterfall need 20 minutes from rest area.

Kalibendo Banyuwangi also called Bendo river in English language, It is surrounded by plantation area such Coffee Plantation, Rubber and Cloves. it precisely located at the foot of Ijen Volcano. The journey from Banyuwangi to Bendo River Waterfall is 1 hour drive. It is located in the northern city of Banyuwangi, the same direction when we go to Kawah Ijen or Ijen crater. About 9 Km from Banyuwangi downtown. Kalibendo Waterfall is located in the slope of Ijen Mountain, the famous place in Banyuwangi. This place get the awesome mark in the heart of teens, because the teenagers always use this place for dating. Beside that, the foreign tourist also like to visit this place to see the natural view in Kalibendo Waterfall.

During the journey to this waterfall, You can enjoy swimming with the fresh and clean water like Waterfall around Mount Bromo. To reach this place, the visitors must follow the river with approximately 500 meters. Because the river is shallow, we do not have to worry about being drifted or sinked. After passing little stream flow, we will finally reach the waterfall.

After entering the gate of PT. Plantation, You can park your vehicle in parking lot have provided in front of the conference hall. From this parking, start soft trekking along the path past the clove plantations and Bendo trees. The path condition is still contour form of land decreases and winding.

Furthermore, You will arrive at the river with a bridge over it. After crossing a wooden bridge width 1 m above the river seemed endless hills and heterogeneous plants. On parking lot section is mostly found several stalls that provide food and beverages.

The journey continues still pass the path trail along the cliffs on the top side approximately 300 m to the west until arriving at the river again. And finally follow the flow of the river to follow it until arriving at the Kalibendo waterfall site a few hundred meters further.

Enjoy Kalibendo Waterfall is very convenience If you cambine your holiday with other popular tourism like Ijen Crater tour package, Sukamade Beach tour that still in Banyuwangi Attraction. The other tourism object around Kalibendo Waterfall is G-Land Banyuwangi, Blue Flame Ijen Crater, Green Bay, Sukamade Beach and still many more.

The nearest way to reach Kalibendo Waterfall is from Banyuwangi Harbor or Bali, If you start your vacation from Surabaya Airport, You can start in the morning because the Kalibendo waterfall location is more far than from Banyuwangi Port.

Beside Kalibendo Waterfall in Banyuwangi, There are more nature tourism in East Java Indonesia. detailly, You can read detail Bromo tour package option below :

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