Kumbolo Lake Sunrise, East Java Indonesia

Kumbolo Lake Sunrise, East Java Indonesia

Kumbolo Lake Sunrise, East Java Indonesia

Kumbolo Lake is the best camping place in East Java Indonesia that located in Mount Semeru National Park. This lake contains of fresh temperature and clean water with the sunrise view from the slope and settled in altitude of 2,400 meters above sea level under Mount Semeru. Kumbolo Lake also spelled “Ranu Kumbolo” (Indonesia language). Heavy visitors enjoy trekking tour to Kumbolo for the reason, they are success refresh their mind from saturation of daily activity because they will feel natural atmosphere without any polution.

Kumbolo Lake Mount Semeru is possible reached from Surabaya Airport, Malang and Banyuwangi Ketapang Harbor, You can start your journey by public transportation or travel agent service by using motorcyle or van, After you reach the parking lot in Tumpang Village, you can use the Jeep 4 WD rentals with duration 3 hours driving from Tumpang to Ranu Pane (parking lot). You can also start visiting from Mount Bromo area by using the Jeep 4 WD with duration 2 hours driving to Ranu Pane then start trekking to Kumbolo Lake for 4 hours duration.

The beauty of Kumbolo Lake, Mount Semeru

The beauty of Kumbolo Lake East Java always enchanted all visitor’s attantions when they have reach the camping location, huge climbers feel satisfied and comfortable feeling natural circumstance around the lake with a green panoramic view. some trekkers usually continue trekking to the top of Mount Semeru and some of them only stay by camping in this lake. When Kumbolo Sunrise appears on the sidelines of two green hills combined with the clear water of the lake into a panorama unspoken. Not only in the morning, at noon in the afternoon, a white mist began to fall envelops Ranu Kumbolo equally beautiful. At night, when you bring a DSLR camera, you can capture the constellation of the stars of the Milky Way that is scattered in the sky, that would not you get in the big cities.

Around Kumbolo Lake Semeru volcano, stand dozens of colorful tents spend the night there before heading up to the top or down to Ranu Pani. The water is safe to eat despite not cooked. So that a water in this lake remain is fit for consumption, there mounted board prohibition to bathe or swim in the lake, as well as small and large bowel. More awareness is needed in order to Ranu Kumbolo remain stable and can be enjoyed by our children and grandchildren.

Kumbolo Lake, East Java located at an altitude of 2,400 meters above sea level, the air temperature at Ranu Kumbolo can reach minus 5 degrees Celsius at night, it looks at the grass and dew-covered tent that turns into ice. So if you’re into Ranu Kumbolo, be sure to bring enough thick jacket, socks, gloves and a sleeping bag if you do not want to shiver.

To achieve Ranu Kumbolo Trekking, climbers have to walk down a path for approximately 5-7 hours of post registration Ranu Pani. During the trip, hikers can rest in the posts that have been built, from post 1 to 4 post.

There are some restrictions that Ranu Kumbolo maintained as follows :

  • Forbidden to swim in the lake
  • Prohibited bath soap, shampoo, and other chemicals
  • Prohibited small and large bowel in lake
  • Prohibited from disposing of garbage around the lake
  • Trash should be brought down back
  • Trekking Requirement for Kumbolo Lake, East Java Indonesia
  • Bring a Copy of ID card
  • Fill registration in Ranu Pane by using passport or ID card
  • Bring medical check from your country or you can get it in Indonesia
  • Using Trekking Shoes, Trekking Pole, Mouth Mask, Jaket, Gloves
  • Using porters or Local guide for trekking and Camping utilities
  • Finish doing test for body health

Information of Kumbolo Lake Mount Semeru, East Java

The best time to enjoy trekking package to the Kumbolo Lake is on Mei until November month, In rainy season Kumbolo and Mount Semeru Trekking normally still closed due to the landslide sometime happened make the government worry to open for visitors for trekking safety.

East Java Island tour package from Surabaya, Malang, Banyuwangi, Yogyakarta and Bali :

Kumbolo Lake Sunrise, East Java Indonesia

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