Mount Kelud Kediri Java Indonesia

Mount Kelud Kediri Java Indonesia

Mount Kelud Kediri Java Indonesia

Mount Kelud Kediri, Blitar is one of an active volcano in Java Island Indonesia. It one of the best place for volcano trekking. This mountain has elevation 1,731 m (5.679 ft), located between Kediri, Belitar and Malang Subdistrict. about 40 km, 45 Minutes from Kediri City.

Kelud volcano breezes of fresh air and charming scenery make this area interesting for ecotourism, adventuring, and health purposes. Here we can enjoy the shady cool plantation, an area for rock climbing, jogging, cross country, and camping ground, a channel to the Kelud crater through the mountain, sulfur lake on Kelut downs the mountain volcanology information service, and entertainment performances on weekends tour / holidays.

Kelud volcano Kediri located between Kediri, Blitar and closed to Malang city Kelud volcano can reached from Surabaya Airport, Malang, Banyuwangi and Bali Island, If you are intersting to make holiday to Kelud volcano Kediri, you can ask the best time to visit Mt Kelud and other necessaries to Our tour partner. trekking tour to Mt Kelud Kediri is easier than Semeru Trekking tour because it has lower in its elevation.

Mount Kelud Eruption History :

  1. Ampera tunnel 110 m comes out at the Gajah Mungkur top was built in 1940 by Japanese; the function is to drain the Kelud lava.
  2. The cauldron of Mount Kelud that believed by society can make peaceful and prosperity.
  3. The top of Sumbing, which was the characteristic of slope rocks structure with 90 % declining, used as medium for wall climbing.
  4. The observation posts of Mount Kelud.
  5. The ritual ceremony on Kelud mountain called Larung Sesaji in cauldron of Mount Kelud is held every September.

Since the 15th century, Kelud has claimed more than 15,000 lives. The volcanic eruption in 1586 claimed the lives of more than 10,000 inhabitants. A system to divert the lava flow has been made extensively in 1926 and still functioning until now after the eruption in 1919 claimed thousands of lives due to cold lava flood swept settlements population. In the 20th century, Kelud eruption recorded in 1901, 1919 (May 1), 1951, 1966 and 1990 In 2007 the Kelud mountain increased its activity. This pattern brings experts volcano on 15 years cycle for this eruption.

Mount Kelud activity increased in late September 2007 and continued until November of the same year, marked by increasing water temperature of the crater lake, an increase in seismic tremor, and changes color from green crater lake becomes turbid white. Status alert of Kelud Volcano issued by the Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation since October 16, 2007 which implies the population within a radius of 10 km from this mountain (approximately 135,000 people) who live on the Kelut volcano slopes to evacuate. However, the eruption did not occur.

Mount Kelud eruption activity increased again since October 30, 2007 with a rapid increase in water temperature volcanic crater lake and shallow seismicity. On 3 November 2007 around 16.00 the lake water temperature exceeds 74 degrees Celsius, well above the normal symptoms of the eruption of 40 degrees Celsius, leading to faulty temperature gauge. Vibration amplitude seismic tremors with large (more than 35mm) lead inspectors have to evacuate, but again no eruption.

On February 10, 2014, The tour activity was closed because Mt Kelut eruption raised its status to standby and then on February 13, at 21:15 PM announced the status of supreme danger, Caution (Level IV), so the radius of 10 km from Kelut volcano summit emptied of humans. Only in less than two hours, at 22:50 was the first eruption of Mt Kelud and type of explosive (explosive).

Type of explosive eruptions such as in 1990 (in 2007 the type effusive, in the form of magma flow) causing torrential rain enough gravel felt residents in the District of Ngancar, Kediri, East Java, the location of the famous active volcano, even to city Pare, Kediri.

The District of Wates to be a place of refuge purposes residents living within a radius of up to 10 kilometers from the lava dome, as recommended by the Center for Volcanology, Mitigation, and Geological Hazard (PVMBG). The sound of explosions reported heard at the city of Solo and Yogyakarta (within 200 miles from the eruption center), even Purbalingga (approximately 300 miles), Central Java.

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Mount Kelud Information :

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