Mount Lamongan, East Java Island Indonesia

Mount Lamongan Lumajang, East Java

Mount Lamongan

Mount Lamongan is one of an active volcano in East Java Island, Indonesia. Its location at between Lumajang and Probolinggo regency. Lamongan volcano is in a maar type as a part of Iyang Mountains group.

Lamongan volcano has 1,651 meters high above sea level, and settles in two giant volcanic complexes, namely the Mount Tengger, the complex in the west and Mount Iyang in the East. This mountain known as one of the 21 volcanoes in Indonesia that classified as class A, has experience at least one.

Mount Lamongan Eruption

Since the 1900s, Mount Lamongan has never erupt again. Finally, the eruption record was taken over by Mount Semeru. The Lamongan mountain actually has its own uniqueness which is rarely owned by other mountains in Java Island.  If You are interesting to admire the beauty of Mount Lamongan views,  You can choose on April – September month, these months usually dry and clear.

The magnetic eruption since 1600. Mt Lamongan eruption since on 1799. Even until 1898, Lamongan mountain held the record for the most eruptions in Indonesia.

Mount Lamongan also has natural spring like the Kumbolo lake on Mount Semeru, From the peak, the lake seem little ponds scatter about. In geological and volcanological terms, tectonic lakes are known as maar. Maar occurred as a result of volcanic eruptions which were circular in shape and steep walls. The Maar formed by phreatic and phreatomagnetic eruptions at one active time.

Since 1907 until now Lamongan mountain only become 10 maar formed on the face of the earth. However, in prehistoric times there have been many maar. The largest and greatest maar ever recorded was in Pematang Bata in 1933. The two maars that formed were one and two kilometers in diameter. Maar is a very rare phenomenon.

Until now, the Directorate of Volcanology has not detect a maar activities around Mt Lamongan. From Surabaya Bus station, the trip will head to the Klakah before Lumajang by taking a bus with a fare of IDR. 100,000 per person. From there the climbing route will taken the top. Before going to the summit, You will rest in Papringan village (water source) to fill the water supply to meet the needs to the top. The trekking time from Klakah village to Papringan Village usually takes approximately 1 hour.

From Papringan village, head to the house of the caretaker, namely Mbah Citro. The climb to Mbah Citro’s house need 1 hour. Here You can rest before get the location to restore your stamina. Climbing to the peak is better done at night.

Mount Lamongan Hiking Activity

Around 22.00 WIB, start hiking to Lamongan peak. The night hike to the volcano peak intended to reduce the feeling of heat and thirst. At around 23.00 the climbers arrive at Watu Gede with a sloping road. In Watu Gede, the Lamongan climbers usually rest for 2 hours. Precisely at 01.00 the hikers start hiking again to the Lamongan top.

The Lamongan volcano hikers usually arrive at the top rather long because the road condition is steep. So the hiker must be extra careful, because the road to the summit is rocky after passing through the steep incline You can find a forest of ferns, then You will arrive at the base
of the kobong and through a steep incline. Approximately 50 meters, You can reach Mt Lamongan peak.

At Lamongan mountain peak You will arrive at around 05.00 and can enjoy the sunrise. From this peak all high volcanoes will seem like Mount Raung, Argopuro, Semeru  volcano, and Mount Bromo tengger mountain complex. So, total hiking activity taken approximately 1 day.


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