Mt Panderman in Batu Malang

Mt Panderman Batu Malang

Mount Panderman Batu Malang

Mt Panderman in Batu Malang is one of an active volcano, in Indonesia located in Batu City. This volcano has a peak named Basundara Peak. Mount Panderman also the place to start Paragliding tour in Batu City where the visitors enjoy their paragliding to see the nature views around the mountain. The name of this mount itself was taken from the name of a Dutchman named Van Der Man who admire the beauty of this mountain at that time. Mount Panderman is an ideal tourist spot for those who love climbing. Panderman volcano, still active same with other volcanoes such as Mount Bromo, Mount Arjuno Welirang, Semeru volcano hiking and other volcano Climb.

Mount Panderman located at Toyomerto hamlet of Songgokerto Pesanggrahan Village, Batu City. Toyomerto also can be achieved with public vehicle for 3 Km through Batu – Jombang / Kediri then down to Pesanggarahan village intersection. Mount Panderman trekking almost has similar steep with Semeru volcano hike but it has shorter trip because there is not any campsite like Semeru volcano. If You are interested to visit Panderman volcano, the best starting from Batu City.

Panderman volcano is suitble for hikers who do not have much time for their climbing tour because it is only has about 2,000 meters height above sea level and can be reached for 1 day. On Saturday nights, Usually many college students from Batu City doing venture to Mount Panderman which are included in the range of Putri Tidur Mountain (Gunung Kawi).

To reach Mt Panderman peak, You only need 2 – 3 hours hike. If you are using a private vehicle, You can travel for approximately 30 minutes from Malang, and you can leave the Panderman basecamp who are at home most to the Mount Panderman gate. If you drive a motorbike, you can entrust to daycare motorcycle for IDR. 5000 / night.

There are two posts before You reach the Mt Panderman Crater. First, You will see the Ombo post at an altitude of 1604 meters above sea level. Panderman mountain usually used for camping. the Camping elevation almost similar with Kumbolo Camping place. So, Beside camping on Mount Panderman, You can also try Mount Bromo Camping. Here are also available clear water springs. You can use it to drink, cook . After continue your trip, you will see the second post named Watu Gede which meant big stone.

After passing the two posts, You can go straight to the top of Panderman Mountain. At this peak there are a lot of monkeys swinging in the trees and waiting for food from visitors. So you should keep your luggage from being stolen by monkeys. If you climb Panderman mountain at night, you will be presented with a view of Batu and Malang City Tour with colorful lights are really fascinating .

The route to Mt Panderman Batu

  1. Public Route
    If you intend to climb to Panderman mountain from Batu. You can take the route from the Toyomerto hamlet  then continue to pesanggrahan village.
  2. Special RouteThe Second route is from Curah Banteng. the challenge from this route is more difficult because you have to pass a cliff with a slope of 90 degrees and can only be reached with a climb.

For the beginner climbers, should take the first route or Public Route, it’s easier and you will be presented Panderman mountain scenery along your hike. At the top, you will be entertained by the mountain scenery around Malang such as Mount Semeru and Arjuno Volcano if you climb on clear weather.

East Java Island tour package from Surabaya, Malang, Banyuwangi :

Mt Panderman, East Java Island

Mount Panderman is one one interesting places in Malang, another tourism will easily explored around this City If You have more time. If you are interested to enjoy an active Volcano in East Java, Indonesia, You can visit Our booking form.


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