Recommended places to enjoy Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour

Some recommended places to enjoy Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour

Some recommended places to enjoy Mount Bromo Sunrise

Mount Bromo Sunrise is the one destination awaited by visitors from all the world. Most visitors come to Mt Bromo because this volcanos has some convenience places to see the Sunrise, and Sunset especially when the season and weather supported. Sunrise on Bromo appears at 05.20 – 05.30 AM.

The place to enjoy Mount Bromo Sunrise tour, and Sunset photography is from Pananjakan, this peak has 2,770 meters high, Pananjakan peak is the most Recommended place to see amazing landscape, known as the highest peak then other peaks. So, From Pananjakan peak, You will have more time enjoy Mount Bromo stargazing photography, Mount Bromo camping. and Mount Bromo Sunset tour.

To enjoy the Sunrise tour, and Sunset tour from Pananjakan Peak, very recommended using a private Jeep 4 WD from your hotels because this peak has steep route and many curves. most visitors choose enjoy Sunrise from Pananjakan because it has amazing views also able gives all view sides such as Mt Batok, Mt Kursi, Crater and Sea of Sand. From this peak, You will also able see Semeru volcano summit usually climbed by foreigners. If You want to see the Sunrise, Milky Way, and Sunset on Semeru volcano peak, You can take Mount Semeru climbing package on April – November, In this months usually have good weather. 

Other Recommended places to enjoy the Sunrise, Sunset and Milky Way Tour

  1. Kingkong Peak
    The name Kingkong derived from many monkeys since long time ago when Bromo volcano still not erupted bigly, The Kingkong named by local peaple as the King of monkeys due to many Monkeys found around the path. Kingkong Peak known as one of best place to see Bromo Sunrise, Sunset and Milky Way tour at Mount Bromo But You must aslo use the Jeep 4 WD from nearby hotels. It has 2,500 meters high.
  2. Love Hill
    The named Love Hill derived from a folklore that this peak was used as relax place for Roro Anteng and Joko Seger (Tengger) wherein They had meet first time on Love Peak. This Love Hill has 2,350 meters high, This place also one of recommended place for visitors enjoying sunrise, Milky Way tour, and Sunset tour.
  3. Seruni Point
    Seruni Point is one of recommended peak to see Sunrise and Mount Bromo Milky Way and other views, Most visitors choose this place when they prefer like take Mount Bromo trekking package without using Jeep 4 WD because this place possible reached by trekking with duration 2 hours from nearby hotels. Seruni Peak has 2,500 meters high.

Bromo volcano is active volcano have been a part of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park on Tengger Ngadisari village, East Java Indonesia. Its elevation At 2,329 metres, This volcano known as Indonesian iconic due to contain of massif Sea Sand and already popular in the world. it is consist of interested place to see Sunrise and other landscapes. The name of this volcano derived from Javanese pronunciation of Brahma, the Hindu creator god.

Before You visit one of Our Recommended places to enjoy Bromo Sunrise, Milky Way, and Sunset above, very recommended to use Jacket, Hat, Gloves, Long Pants, Trekking Shoes and other tools that able support your condition because the temperature is very cold before the Bromo Sunrise appears, The temperature on these peaks around 03 – 05 degree centigrade.

Beside of Bromo National Park, Still there are other nature tourism to see the Sunrise. Such as Kumbolo Lake Sunrise, Papuma Beach Sunrise and Sunrise at Ijen Crater and still many more around East Java, Indonesia. For detailly, You can read other trip option below OR you can discuss with Our partner about Mount Bromo tour package option.

Tour Package Option :


Beside the place to see Sunrise, Milky Way & Sunset. We also provide recommended place for Camping at Mount Bromo wherein the visitors normally request for Camping on special peak that closed with Milky Way or Galaxy views. This camping package also required the private jeep to take You to highest peak then stay 1 night accompanied by Our porters and tour guide.

If You are interetsed to enjoy the Sunrise, Milky Way Photography, Sunset and Crater on Mt Bromo, very suggested to make the tour booking within 2 months or 1 month before your trip going on because this volcano is the most visited in Java Island Indonesia, For detail information about Mt Bromo sunrise tour package option, accommodation and facility, You can visit Our booking form.

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