Sukamade Turtle Beach, Banyuwangi East Java

Sukamade Turtle Beach, Banyuwangi East Java

Sukamade Turtle Beach, Banyuwangi East JavaSukamade Turtle Beach, East Java located about 97 km to southwest of Banyuwangi City. It is natural and quiet, beautiful place. Dutch discovered it in 1927. Sukamade Beach is one of the conservation tourism object under the government preserved. it has a wide 50,000 hectare in Meru Betiri National Park. Along the way to visit this place the visitors can stop at the beautiful place of Rajegwesi, Teluk Hijau a fantastic green bay with its beautiful cliff around. A dawn excursion to see animals grassing on the savannah is also impressing. They are virgin places you must know in the eastern tip of Java, banyuwangi, Indonesia.

Sukamade Beach

Sukamade Beach with 1200 hectare consist of an active plantation that produces rubber, coffee and cacao. Sukamade is the east Java Natural Resource Conservation which is in charge of the turtle’s perpetuation. A night adventure tour to Sukamade is an unforgettable trip. You will be guided by a natural resource to find the turtle sea come to a shore to lay eggs. You can see a female turtle lays more than one hundred eggs on the sandy beach. The female turtles usually start landing at 7:30 PM and return to the sea at 12:00PM. November to March is the peak season for laying eggs.

Sukamade beach, Banyuwangi  Almost every night of the year, turtles appear on Sukamade beach to lay eggs. It is clearly a globally important site and one which is protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by the over-worked park rangers. Some eggs are taken by the rangers to protect them from predators, both human and other animals. These are incubated in the safety of the park hatchery and the youngsters are released to the ocean on the very beach from where the eggs were laid. There are similar beaches within the park boundary but it seems to be “Sukamade” that the turtles prefer.

The stability of the turtle population has been helped by a careful system of tagging and monitoring, as well as the use of the special hatcheries. Watching these giant creatures emerge from the surf and struggle-up the beach to lay their eggs on a moonlit night is a unique and unforgettable experience, and one which is certain to ensure Sukamade’s ever-growing profile. This is certainly off the beaten track and requires some effort to reach but it is very worthwhile indeed.

The ways to get Sukamade Banyuwangi
Sukamade Beach Banyuwangi
, can be reached from Banyuwangi city to the northwest or from Jember to the north-east. The journey required the Jeep 4 WD like in Mount Bromo Jeep or you can take a large truck,  Hiring a local guide for Information is one of the most used in exploration. The Jeep 4 WD in Banyuwangi with is certainly the most comfortable way. The roads are very rough and several rivers need crossing via fords (there are no bridges) a regular van very worried crossing to this beach. After you get Sukamade area , You should find an accommodation or Hotel at Sukamade Beach to stay one night in order to be easy for Turtle Expolation. Most visitors start their Journey from Surabaya, Malang or Banyuwangi, The nearest way is from Banyuwangi Regency only 4 hours driving.

Detail itinerary for Sukamade Tour Package 2 Days and 1 Night :

Day 1 : Banyuwangi Ketapang harbour – Kalibaru – Meru Betiri National Park

  • Pick you up by AC (air conditioned) van at Banyuwangi Ketapang harbour or Kalibaru (train station, Bali Airport, Hotel) then take you to Meru Betiri National Park with jeep through plantations and tropical rainforest. On the way stop at pantai panjang beach, then stop at the gate of Meru Betiri National Park, continue by jeep to Rajekwesi fishermen village (500 – 750 m). Having Lunch and rests on Rajekwesi food stall (included picnic lunch box).
  • Continue the trip to sukamade guest house ( the most difficult one, four wheel drive vehicle mostly recommended), and stop at Teluk Damai (literally translated means “PEACE BAY”). Upon arrival in Sarongan village, you will be crossing the biggest plantation of coffee, cocoa, rubber (the crops are can be seen on the way to sukamade) in Java and continue visit the Sukamade plantation village (Afdeling).
  • Arrive at Sukamade guesthouse, take a shower, rest until dinner time. It’s time to recharge your camera and handycam battery, starting 8 pm there is no electricity in the guesthouse. At 6.30 pm dinner on Sukamade Guest house (included).
  • After dinner, proceed to Sukamade beach to withness the green turtle lying down his hundreds eggs (sightings are not guaranteed). Possibility to visit the Turtle hatchery or Park Ranger Office (possible to see the turtle hatchlings all the time of year). Sitting on the beach wait for the signals from park ranger who search for the turtle (Not allowed to smoke, turn on the flashlight, loud talking or making any loud noises. If we are lucky to find the turtle and watch the wonderful processing of laying eggs, we go back to guest house and overnight in Sukamade guesthouse.

Day 2 : Sukamade – Kalibaru/Banyuwangi/Ketapang harbour

  • After breakfast, depart for Sukamade beach to bring baby turtle from turtle hatchery to the beach, then releasing baby turtle to Indian ocean (subject to seasson and ranger’s schedule). Afterward drive back to Banyuwangi district. Transfer to Kalibaru village, Banyuwangi, Ketapang harbour.

Note : Possibility to change program itinerary, If you have other necessaries


  • Private jeep 4×4 wheel drive
  • English speaking driver
  • Ranger and English tour guide
  • 1 night in Sukamade guesthouse
  • 1 x local dinner and breakfast
  • 1 x Lunch box
  • All donation base on program
  • Daily mineral water 1 bottle / person / day


  • Tour guide services (avalaible on request)
  • Entrance tickets
  • Camera/Handycam/Video admission fee
  • Unmentioned tour program / optional tour
  • Unmentioned meals
  • Personal expenses
  • Personal insurances

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Information about Sukamade Turtle Beach, East Java Indonesia
If you are interested to enjoy the beauty of “Sukamade Turtle Beach of Java Island” You can start from Surabaya Airport, Malang City, Bali and Banyuwangi Ketapang Harbor, the nearest way to reach Sukamade Location is from Banyuwangi regency, For detail information about Mt Bromo Tour Price, tour itinerary, personnal planning and Hotel, you can contact Us here

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