• Green Bay Teluk Hijau Beach Banyuwangi

    Camping on Teluk Hijau Beach Banyuwangi

    Camping on Teluk Hijau Beach Banyuwangi East Java Teluk Hijau Beach Banyuwangi also called Green Bay Beach located in Banyuwangi at southern part Pesanggaran, Sarongan village. Teluk Hijau is one of the best beach for Camping, Its territory is included in Meru National Park Betiri. This coast is a hidden paradise in Banyuwangi. Camping in this Beach will recognize You a quiet atmosphere with a charming white sand. The sand color is clear and fine, so easily attached to the skin. A blend of white sand, clear sea water a greenish color and a beautiful atmosphere will make the visitors stay comfortly. Most foreigners visit the Teluk Hijau for Camping…

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