• Lider Waterfall in Banyuwangi

    Lider Waterfall in Banyuwangi

    Lider Waterfall in Banyuwangi Lider Waterfall is one of the popular Waterfall located in Banyuwangi City, Exactly on the slopes of the Raung Volcano. This Waterfall almost have similar high with Madakaripura Waterfall with elevation 60 meters. Lider Waterfall known as the highest waterfall in Banyuwangi. Sprinkling waterfall that bounces and exposed to sunlight will bring up the colorful rainbow make more stunning scenery. According Geographic, Lider Banyuwangi located in Sragi hamlet, Sumber Arum village of Songgon subdistrict about 45 KM from Banyuwangi city. Air Terjun Lider located in hidden place and being in the wilderness make its atmosphere very fresh and cool. Lider Waterfall Banyuwangi with a height 60 meters and1300…

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