• Mount Welirang and Mt Arjuno

    Welirang and Arjuno Volcano

    Welirang and Arjuno Volcano Tourism Welirang and Arjuno Volcano also said as a twin mountain have become the destionation Climbing tour. These volcano still in one range located in Trtetes between Malang area, East Java province, Indonesia. They are located in 6 km line between Arjuno and Welirang, A 300 hectares at slope of Mount Arjuno near the road of Surabaya-Malang is used by Taman Safari II. The Arjuno-Welirang volcano complex itself lies in the older two volcanoes, Mount Ringgit to the east and Mount Linting to the south. The summit lacks vegetation. Fumarolic areas with sulfur deposits are found in several locations on Welirang. In Java Language, this mount…

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